Rennert And Berkeley College

Two Centers of Academic Excellence working together as one.

Rennert is proud to be part of the wider Berkeley family and believe that this gives our students the academic edge when it comes to study.


Located within the campus of Berkeley in Midtown, just a few steps from 5th Avenue, our students get to experience college life while forging a pathway directly into college programsRennert students can make the most of this opportunity by taking dedicated pathway courses, or explore all the pathways on offer.




We know that our students strive for academic excellence and this is why we provide academic choices and courses that will help them get directly to their goals and gain a conditional acceptance into Berkeley College.



Years of Combined Excellence


Dedicated Pathways


Years of Collaboration



When I first came to New York, I thought I had to have a goal. The walking speed, neon, packed trains, interesting people, all gave me energy. Rennert helped me with my English and to shift my focus to Academic life. I was able to get accepted to Berkeley College. Studying marketing was hard and interesting. I had to become independent, but so many teachers and staff and my internship helped me to be a new person helped me and now I have a degree! My dream came true!

— Jenny, Rennert and Berkeley College Graduate

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