Your First Day

Welcome to Rennert International... come on in!

Team Rennert are here to make your first day as smooth and relaxing as possible. With this in mind our staff will welcome you to the school with a comprehensive orientation day. This will help you learn about the school, what is available to you and also about the area around the school.




You will also be placed into your class, and meet with your classmates and teacher. We know that the first day can make people nervous, and we will do everything possible to make it as easy as it can be. You are our family, and you are very welcome at Rennert, so let us welcome you into our school and our city.


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You will take a level test with our Academic Team and meet new friends. Then once you have completed your orientation, the Director of Studies will let you know about your new class, the materials you will need and also give you your student card. Now you are ready for the learning to begin.... 

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